Iced Honey Cashew Latte w/ Milk Matcha

Lots of people have already been asking me how I make my matcha latte. Today, I'm number specialist, and I am not merely one to toot my very own horn, but I really do believe I have identified making a pretty freaking good matcha latte.

I can not lie, I used to be a matcha naysayer. I was not the biggest supporter, but I now understand that this was because I never had it organized quite right.

1. You need a quality matcha. It may be complicated with culinary matcha for cooking, green tea extract dust, and different matcha products that aren't necessarily the good items that you wish to be making your morning latte with. When I first attempted matcha I bought some on amazon and it absolutely was an extremely light natural shaded powder, the colour of a matcha cappuccino for reference. It should be a heavy and lively natural color. I utilize the brand Ippodo tea. It is just a little expensive but therefore price it. You should buy it here at a discount and use VIBRANT10 for 10% off your order.

2. I believe the type of dairy you drink it with is quite important. I was using grape dairy for a while, but discovered it to be always a bit chalky after a while. This cashew dairy formula is ideal for a steamy matcha latte, within my opinion.

3. I think a little touch of sweetness moves quite a distance in regards to a matcha drink. Matcha is this natural and unique quality, and I believe having a small degree of sweetness generates an ideal taste balance. I really like natural baby since it's completely sweet and it also offers numerous wellness benefits.

OKAY, so here's the way you produce the milk + the cappuccino:


Baby Cashew Milk:

1 pot organic cashews (soaked six hours-overnight)

4 servings blocked water

2-4 tablespoons fresh honey (can use standard if you don't have raw)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/4 teaspoon ocean salt

**use pretty much darling depending on what special you want it, I recommend applying 2 tablespoons, then tasting and introducing more if needed.


Bathe cashews in enough water to ensure that they are completely submerged. You'll want to let them bathe at the very least six hours, or provided that overnight.
Drain the water from the drenched cashews and provide them with a good rinse. To your top speed mixer (I use a vitamix), include the drenched cashews, 4 cups of filtered water, 3 tablespoons baby, 1 tsp vanilla remove and 1/4 teaspoon beach salt.
Mix on high for 30 seconds to at least one minute.
Utilizing a enthusiast milk bag or cheesecloth, put the dairy in to the bag/cloth and press out most of the water (that's your milk) so that you just have pulp left. You are able to save yourself the pulp to use in recipes. Here is a great resource for those enthusiastic about enthusiast dairy pulp dishes from my lady Blair Flynn of
Keep dairy within an airtight container for 4 days in the refrigerator.

Matcha Latte

1 tsp high quality matcha (my favorite is Ippodo 'ummon-no-mukashi) *you may use VIBRANT10 for 10% off

1/2 glass heated water (very hot, but not exactly boiling)

1 glass honey cashew dairy

*optional: 1 tsp vanilla vegetable ghee, if you want to ensure it is bulletproof style.

** this makes a pretty large iced cappuccino, if you want a smaller latte, use 1/2 glass -3/4 glass milk rather than 1 cup.


First, mix 1 tsp of matcha with 1/2 cup heated water in a little dish and whisk it until all clumps are gone. If you are applying ghee, include it in at this time to allow it to burn before blending.
Put the matcha and water contents into the high speed mixer along with 1 glass of honey cashew milk. Mix on large for around 20 seconds.
Pour over snow and enjoy!
It's severely so delicious when created right. I hope you all love this particular matcha cappuccino menu, i'd like to know you have any questions!émon-go-pokecoins-62.pdf

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